Early Childhood

Nursery – Love on those babies for an hour! 0-12 months old, and 13-24 months old. You must be at least 18 years old to serve in the Nursery. Parents are NOT allowed to step inside the Nursery; babies/toddlers are exchanged at the door, as well as their diaper bags. Hold them, rock them, play on the floor with them!
This is our greatest need at the 10:30am service!

Early Childhood – Everyone starts out as a Guide in Early Childhood to see how each station runs.
We have the 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and 5’s/K children all in separate rooms by age, and after 10 minutes of free play time, they each rotate every 15 minutes among the 4 stations/rooms: Snacks, Lesson, Crafts and Music.
We have leaders in each of those rooms ready for the kids, and the Guide’s job is to make sure each group gets to their room on time, and assists as needed in the room. Guides usually have Jr High or High School helpers, too!
We are in need of Guides at the 10:30am service!

Here is the breakdown of the schedule per service:

Parent tags are checked at pickup for safety, even if you know the parent!