Elementary is located in the Fellowship Hall.
The first 10 minutes is open play at the 4 tables of board games. Then they move into 10 minutes of Worship (2 videos on the TV), followed by the Lesson (by one of our 4 Lead Teachers), Communion and Offering, Small Group Discussion, and Games.
We have Small Group Discussion Leaders that divide the group of kids into 1st-3rd and 4th & 5th and go through the list of questions provided by our curriculum. Then it’s game time! When it’s over, they go back to the board games until they are picked up by parents.

Our greatest need at the moment is Small Group Discussion leaders at both services. They assist the Lead Teacher, are hands on as needed in all areas, help keep the children focuses on the lesson, and engage in worship with them. Everything is provided for each Sunday morning session, you just need to show up and jump in!

Parent tags are checked at pickup for safety, even if you know the parent!

Here is the breakdown of the schedule per service: