Children’s Ministry 3/6/20







SHCC Parents:
We began our new Children’s curriculum, The Gospel Project, last week and had a great response to it!
In Early Childhood, the preschool group goes over the Key Passage in each of their rotations, so they have 4 sessions to learn it.
Each week, Early Childhood and Elementary will bring home Activity Pages that they worked on at home, with “Family Starting Points” to help you continue the conversation at home.  We will also include this in the Friday emails, because we all know those papers don’t always make it home. 😊

The Key Passage for the month of March:

On March 1st: From Adam to Jesus

  • Jesus rescues us and makes us part of God’s family.
  • There is no one like Jesus!
  • God promised to send Jesus to earth.
  • Jesus is God’s Son, and Jesus is man.
  • God sent Jesus like He promised.

This weekend, on March 8th: John Was Born

  • We can praise God for sending Jesus.
  • There is not one like Jesus!
  • An angel told Zechariah that Elizabeth would have a baby.
  • John was born to get people ready for Jesus
  • Zechariah praised God for His plan to rescue people.

I also encourage you to download the free Lifeway Kids App on your Apple or Android devices! You will be able to see what your children are learning, and there are questions you can ask them at home. The Bible Studies for Life, Spring 2020-Lite, Volume 7 is our current study. Click on the “Library” to view Unit 19, and March 8th is Session 2. This would be great to go over with your children after dinner on Sundays, or any time during the next week!

If you have any questions about the new curriculum or the app, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
(417) 533-2485