Jesus as a Child 3.29.20

Bible Passage: Matthew 2; Luke 2
Story Point: Even as a child, Jesus wanted to do His Father’s plan.
Key Passage: John 1:1-2

Children’s Lesson: Jesus As A Child

Show videos: There is a video for Elementary, and one for Early Childhood. If you have children in both age groups, show both!

Discussion Time: Follow up with the following questions. Answers are provided, but first see what your child comes up with.

Early Childhood 2-5 years old:
1. Why did Jesus’ family travel to Jerusalem? (for a special celebration called Passover)
2. How old was Jesus in today’s story? (12 years old)
3. What did Mary and Joseph realize after they were on their way home to Nazareth? (Jesus was not with them; they couldn’t find Jesus.)
4. Where did Mary and Joseph find Jesus? (the temple)
5. Why did Jesus stay at the temple? (to listen to the teachers and ask questions, to be in His Father’s house)

Elementary 1st-5th Grade:
1. Why did Mary and Joseph travel to Jerusalem each year? (for the Passover, Luke 2:41)
2. How long did it take Mary and Joseph to find Jesus? (three days, Luke 2:46)
3. What about Jesus astounded people? (His understanding and His answers, Luke 2:46-47)
4. Why do you think Jesus’ understanding and wisdom were so surprising? Help kids understand that Jesus would have seemed like an ordinary 12-year-old just by looking at Him. Remind kids that Jesus is fully God and fully human. Jesus was able to understand and explain God’s Word as One who had studied it for many years, despite His young age.
5. Why do you think Jesus said it was necessary for Him to be in His Father’s house? Guide kids to understand that Jesus’ Father is God. Remind them that Jesus is God the Son, and He knew God’s plans for His life: to make the way for sinners to have eternal life. Jesus understood that He would need to rely on God’s power to obey Him, and Jesus wanted to obey God always.
6. How can we live out God’s plans for us? Discuss the idea that God’s plan for all believers is for us to glorify Him by loving others, obeying Him out of love, and sharing the gospel throughout the earth. Remind kids that we can live on mission no matter where we are.

Activity: This is an activity from the lesson, that you may choose to do. If you do not have the supplies at home, get a little creative, or play a game you have as a family.
Give Yourself
Supplies needed: any wrapping paper, and bows
Form teams if possible or just help them one on one. Provide each team with a roll of wrapping paper and an adhesive gift bow. Challenge the teams to wrap a team member. The first team to wrap a kid (or parent) from head to toe and stick their bow on top wins. You may also alter the game by awarding points for wrapping style or coverage, and declare a winner not based on speed.
Say • By the end of that game, some of you looked like giant presents that would have been fun to unwrap. In a way though, this isn’t as silly as it sounds. We can give ourselves to God by trusting Him in all areas of our lives. When we allow God to control our time, talents, money, or other treasures, we are giving Him ourselves. He can use us to glorify Himself and lead others to believe in Jesus. It doesn’t matter that you are still young either. Even as a child, Jesus wanted to do His Father’s plan.