Pastor’s Points 3/25/20


These last few weeks have been difficult and uncertain. None of us have seen anything like it and we can only guess where things will go over the next few weeks and months. While we are trying to change how we do much of what we do at the church, there is one thought that keeps coming up for me constantly. That is this- God has blessed us as a church! There are many churches that will really struggle with dealing with this national crisis. While we have had to adapt and make changes, we are in a position to be able to continue on and even reach more people. These are some ways that God has blessed our church.  Please read through them and give God thanks for blessing us in this difficult time.

  1. We are a Praying Church – We have many strong prayer warriors and a prayer team that prays for requests and needs of not only our congregation but also our community and world. Keep praying! If you’d like to join our prayer team, you can sign up on the front page of our website. You can also submit a prayer request and we will pray for your needs.
  2. Great Leadership – We have an amazing group of elders. It is evident by the place we are in currently. Their leadership has helped us to be able to weather this storm. I am truly blessed and thankful to get to work with them. This is not something every church or pastor can say. We are so blessed by our elders’ leadership.
  3. Excellent Staff – The staff we currently have, works very hard and is so committed to SHCC. They are very knowledgeable about how to do sound, video and online stuff that allows us to continue to do ministry in these times. I am so blessed and thankful to get to work with them.
  4. Committed Congregation – Your commitment through giving, volunteering, stepping up in tough times, encouraging each other, and sharing with people you know, has made a difference over the last few years. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to get to pastor. Your commitment has allowed us to be in a position to handle these difficulties and still be able to grow out of them. Thank you!
  5. Wise Decisions – Over the years, the church has made wise decisions in how they deal with issues. That is especially seen in the area of finance. By not using all our reserves for the roof project and instead raising the funds, we are in a financial position with continued giving, to take care of expenditures and still be a help to our community.
  6. God’s Provision – God’s planning is so much better than ours. We have been looking for additional staff for quite a while but haven’t been able to hire anyone. We now see that as God protecting us in this uncertain season. Because of this, we have lower overhead. We have also been upgrading our online presence by accepting online giving and improving our technology through cameras and podcast equipment.  We had all of this in place before this storm came in. God has had His hand on us!
  7. Opportunity to Reach People – We are also in a unique position to reach more people with the gospel through this temporary change in worship. By focusing our efforts online, we can share our worship and message with more people that would not normally walk in our building on a Sunday morning. As members, we can expand our influence by sharing our live worship in our social media circles. God is using this time to spread the gospel.


We are blessed!  It is important to look at how God is working even in the midst of this storm. He has a plan and He has provided for us so that we can be a light in our community. So, praise God today for His blessings at SHCC and in your life! When we praise Him, the storms won’t seem so bad. Then when this storm has passed, we will come together and worship and praise God for all He has done.


Thank you for being a great congregation!


Living on Mission,

Pastor Jeff