Jesus and Nicodemus 5.24.20

Bible Passage: John 3
Story Point: Jesus told Nicodemus about God’s great plan.
Key Passage: John 3:16

Show videos: There is a video for Early Childhood, and one for Elementary. If you have children in both age groups, show both!

Discussion Time: Follow up with the following questions. Answers are provided, but first see what your child comes up with.

Early Childhood 2-5 years old:

  1. Who came to visit Jesus? (Nicodemus)
  2. What time of day did Nicodemus visit Jesus? (night)
  3. What did Jesus say a person must be so he or she can see God’s kingdom? (born again)
  4. Did Jesus mean that Nicodemus needed to be a baby again to see God’s kingdom? (no)
  5. How do people get life with God? (believe in Jesus)
  6. What makes people special? (People are special because God made us in His own image.)

Elementary 1st-5th Grade:

  1. Jesus said that He had been sent by God not to punish the world, but do what? (save the world, John 3:17)
  2. What does it mean to be born again? (Prompt the kids to think about the ending of their old, sinful lives and the start of their new lives in Jesus. Remind then that God declared sinners righteous when they believe in Jesus. God no longer sees believers as sinners, but as saints. Our new and eternal life with God starts as soon as we believe the gospel.)
  3. What does it mean to have eternal life? (Discuss the idea that eternal life with God is not just regular life that never ends, but joyful, loving, obedient life that goes on forever. A believer’s new life begins right away. Even after physical death, our souls live with God forever. When Jesus returns, we will continue living with God in glorified bodies.)
  4. Why did God send Jesus to us? (Remind the kids that God loves people and always does what is for His glory and out good. We are special to God, and He wanted to save us from sin to show His goodness and love.)


Supplies: pencils and crayons, paper

Distribute a sheet of paper to each child. Ask the kids to write about or draw a picture to answer the following questions:

  • What does this story teach me about God or about the gospel?
  • What does this story teach me about myself?
  • Whom can I tell about this story?