Cross Points 8/7

Why I Believe, Part 1

God provides room for doubt.  People can have philosophies that run down a path they like or buy into because that’s what someone they respect taught, and it may not require belief in God or what the Bible teaches.  None of us are able to answer all of life’s questions, and if that provides a problem for you in terms of belief in God, then you may constantly hold back.  But, for those who truly and sincerely seek the God of the Bible, he provides plenty of evidence, enough I dare say to convince a jury “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handwork,” we read in Psalm19.  That is a Psalm of David, who spent many a night on the run, looking up into the sky, and appreciating the cosmic evidence God provides.  Our universe, with all it’s complexities, cries out for a creator!  There are so many ways to illustrate this.  We’d never think a computer was possible through some random force of nature, through an evolutionary process.  Someone created it!  How much more is this true with all the many complex ways of our universe, even the human brain (an extremely sophisticated computer), as one example of many that could be listed.

The Bible’s history has been verified by archeology repeatedly as accurate history.  So many times, a place or person has been doubted as critics try to convince people that Bible stories are just made up, but then something is discovered to prove the Bible true (example: critics thought Luke was wrong about a census, about Quirinius being governor when Jesus was born, but discoveries proved both true).  A primary evidence is Jesus himself; his life, death, and resurrection were witnessed by many people, people who either accepted it or couldn’t successfully refute it.  His primary group of followers, the Apostles, after his resurrection, lived, preached, were persecuted, and almost all of them suffered and died because of their belief, without one of them ever denying the truth of Jesus’ resurrection.  Would you suffer and die for something you knew wasn’t true?  These men knew the truth: Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead to provide salvation to those who follow him in faith!

The Bible is amazing.  Written by about 40 authors over 1,500-years, with a seamless tale of life that rings true with history and our experience as humans.  No other book comes close.  The Bible heroes are shown with their faults, not typical for a made-up story.  Jesus is the exception, living with temptation but never sinning, becoming the perfect sacrifice to atone for our sins, satisfying the justice of God while offering the love of God to save us!

Did you know that many atheists, once they openly and sincerely examined the evidence, turned from their unbelief and accepted Jesus and the Bible?  Consider Josh Rasmussen, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Philosophy specializing in Analytic Metaphysics.  “Higher education” took him from growing up a Christian to atheism, but then as an adult who examined the evidence, he came back to belief.  Or consider C.S. Lewis, the well-known author, who became an atheist at 15 and said he was angry at God for creating the world, then realized that was useless if there was no God.  Others helped him examine the evidence and come back to Christianity.  Or consider Lee Strobel, an atheistic journalist for the Chicago Tribune, who didn’t believe but decided to prove his Christian wife and others wrong through examining the evidence, then became a believer in Christ and the Bible in the process.  There are many more such examples.

Can the critic find reasons to doubt, can they reinforce their unbelief?  Yes, God leaves room for that.  But he has provided plenty of evidence to convince the doubter, if they are sincerely seeking, that he is real and his word about Jesus the Messiah can be trusted for the salvation and way of life it proclaims.  I believe!  Do you?

Cross Point: Don’t let it be superficial.  Jesus said, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and then not do what I tell you?”  Build on the rock of Jesus and his Word and way in the Bible.  (Luke 6:46-49)