Missions Walk 10.23.20

November 2020

It's new!  A new monthly article that will walk you through missions supported by SHCC.  Learn about how SHCC reaches out to others beyond our walls in a variety of missions.  Each month, we will highlight a specific SHCC mission.   So walk with us as we take a closer look at our mission partners.

To give you an overall summary of the missions SHCC supports:  We support local missions that benefit people in our community.  Also, missions that help Bible colleges and campus house missions that help college students stay connected to other Christians while in college.  SHCC supports a Christian summer camp for kids and supports a Christian home for kids that otherwise have no place to call home.  Lastly, SHCC has outreach missions to missionaries that count on this support to enable them to help people as they bring the gospel to people in foreign countries.  

Live your faith and get involved right here in Lebanon. We will first look at a local mission supported by SHCC the “Free Store Ministry.”  We'll start there because this month Amber Meredith, who heads this ministry, will give churches and individuals the opportunity to help families in the area have Thanksgiving and Christmas when otherwise they would not be able to afford it.  During the month of November, SHCC will be collecting 1,100 cans of canned milk, donated by members of the congregation, to put in Thanksgiving baskets that will be given away by the Free Store Ministry. The Free Store ministry also has a toy and food basket give away in December.   Watch for opportunities to volunteer to help in preparation and distribution of these giveaways.   These are opportunities during the holidays.  All year long, Amber and volunteers work at the Free Store Ministry work tirelessly to provide free clothing and household items for those in need in our community and surrounding area.
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