Missions Walk January 2021

Good News Productions, International (GNPI)

Last month we learned about His Eyes in Honduras, this month if we had the space in this article, Good New Productions could take us around the world through their global network.  Good News Productions creates media to share Jesus, empower Jesus followers and multiply disciples across the globe.  This mission that SHCC helps to support is based in Joplin, MO, and has been in operation for 45 years.

Around the world, 750 million people cannot read or write and many areas are without electricity.  For those that cannot read, GNPI creates videos and when electricity is not available, GNPI provides solar kits to enable missionaries to show these videos.  For people without electricity, seeing a video creates great interest.  Several years ago, some at SHCC raised funds to send two solar kits to Kpowbie Daniel (known as Daniel) who asked for this assistance in Togo, Africa.  More about Daniel who partners with Master Provisions in articles to come.  
If you "like" GNPI on facebook you can follow them, get updates, and see video testimonies of missionaries.  GNPI provided a video interview on Facebook with Dennis Okoth (See video below), who is 1 of 110 that serve with GNPI around the globe.  Dennis is a missionary and Regional Director in the GNPI office in Uganda.  Dennis gave his testimony of growing up in a pagan village in Africa.  In high school, he was exposed to Christian material and a close friend told him how to become a Christian.  He gave his life to Christ, but it came with a cost.  His father's position in the village was threatened because his son brought Jesus into the home.  The village leaders believed Christ would destroy everything traditional in the village.  His father agreed to "do away" with his son and they tried to "finish his life", but he did not die as expected.  His father, who had tried to get ride of his son, later came to Christ, as well as other members of his family.  This is just one example of disciple making in an extensive network at work to spread the "Good News."  Watch his interview below.
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