Missions Walk March 2021

March 2021

Scott Springer Family Ministry
We come in from a cold walk in the snow and my thoughts turn to warmer days like my first mission trip to Juarez, Mexico.  That was with Scott Springer in 2002.  Scott led 2 mission trips with SHCC members going to Juarez, Mexico, just across the border from El Paso, TX.  The visual difference across the border from El Paso to Juarez was stark.  Scott was working to build a church and we had brought supplies for the construction of a fence.  As well as construction, we visited homes and a church in Anapra.  Anapra is a cluster of homes and a church located in the city dump.
Scott Springer
It later became increasingly dangerous to cross the border so Scott began concentrating his evangelizing efforts in this area by helping build a church just across the border on the US side.  When SHCC replaced the pews and got new chairs, most of the pews went to that church near the border of Mexico.  
Scott has recently been evangelizing in Cuba (yes Cuba the country, not Cuba, MO.)  There he has seen house and garage churches with the need to reach out to thousands of  “down trodden lost souls.  People in bondage with no hope.  Held down and controlled by the government.”  Scott has been working there to help reach those lost souls with the good news by working with others to set up print shops.  They print Christian material to distribute to the people of Cuba where due to the oppression of their government, Christian material is lacking.  I also want to note Scott's involvement in over 60 medical mission trips in Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  You with your offerings given at SHCC have had a part in that work.

I hope that as we walk through each mission supported by SHCC, you can see how your offering/tithe not only provides SHCC with the ability to reach people in our community, but those in countries who don't have the opportunities that we do to attend church, don't have the opportunity to buy written material like we do and who don't have the medical care we do.  One of my favorite quotes “The mission of the church is missions.”  by Oswald Smith.  Thanks Scott for introducing me to missions!
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