Missions Walk April 2021

Gasconade Christian Service Camp

I love a walk/hike in the woods. It's freeing!  Free of traffic, noise, and free of distractions only the solitude of nature.  Gasconade Christian Service camp is nestled in the woods, with all this and an added plus of sharing this get-away experience with friends (old and new).  “Church camp” as some call it, is friends, campfires, swimming, games, growing in your faith and so much more.  For some of the younger kids, it is a time of growing, it is their first time away from parents for an extended period of time.
We are excited, because this year the Gasconade Christian Service Camp (a SHCC sponsored mission) has new leadership.  Aaron Fullerton (SHCC's very own) has accepted the position of camp director.  Aaron had this to say about his new position:

“I couldn't be more thrilled about the opportunity to be a part of Gasconade Christian Service Camp!  This is a 'local mission' that can have a massive impact on the lives of both children and adults a like for the Kingdom of God.
For our kids, this serves as an unforgettable opportunity to hear about Jesus, to make new friends, and become better acquainted with church leadership and Christian role models.  For our serving and giving adults, summer camp is a chance to be faithful to the Kingdom and to our next generation of believers!  Playing your part and using your gifts in this unique setting proves to our good God that you are ready and willing to be used for something bigger than yourself.  Amazingly enough, I believe the adults receive just as much or more of a blessing from serving in these camps!
This is a chance to be a part of an Ephesians 4 church team and I am so honored to serve along side all of you in the days to come.  Let's make a difference together!!!”    
Kendall Brown has had a chance to experience all that Gasconade Christian Service Camp has to offer.   She had this to say about her time at camp.  “At first I went mainly because I had friends going.  It was much more than being with your friends.  I meet great people.  The counselors helped shape my life.  Camp helped build my faith.”  Thanks Kendall for sharing your thoughts and your experience.
As Aaron mentioned, the adults that contribute time and talents to make camp happen also receive rewards.  I have had the opportunity to go help in the kitchen during camp. Working with the other ladies and greeting the kids as they come in hungry from their camp activities was very rewarding.  Maybe this summer there will be a chance for you to get involved and to help.   Look for opportunities as they are announced.  So whether your kids are going or you are helping make this camp experience possible for our youth, we are all looking forward to summer and summertime experiences!
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