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Christian Mission to the Orient – Lanna Theological Center

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that borders Cambodia and is located near Vietnam. Southern Heights Christian Church (SHCC) began supporting the late David Filbeck many years ago with his missionary work in Thailand.  This mission continues under the leadership of his family and associates and the Lanna Theological Center is an outgrowth of this mission established in 2003 for church leadership training.  Most students who attend receive sponsorships, but the center also offers work study programs. The center's primary program is a BA in Theology.  They also have a program that trains lay leaders for greater effectiveness in the church and because many are not able to travel to the Center, the Center often takes the program to them. Most students come from the 8 northern provinces of Thailand.  Ten different language groups are represented in the current student body.  

The following story (as related by Carmen Filbeck) is about Cindy, an alumni of Lanna Theological Center and Cindy's walk as she grew in her faith:

Cindy graduated from Lanna Theological Center.  While there, she wanted to learn English; however, she struggled with it, failing in almost every area of the program. Failing so much so that teachers considered putting her back in the Thai program, but they felt God was telling them to let her stay.  She eventually succeeded in the English program and today, Cindy is working with a displaced people group in a very difficult area of the world.  The only language they have in common is English.  God did not waste Cindy's failures, but turned them to good and prepared her for ministry.  God doesn't waste our failures either.  Things that come into our lives can be things He is using to prepare us for...the next thing.  Be encouraged in Cindy's story.  God isn't finished.  Just one of the inspiring stories coming from graduates of Lanna Theological Center.

I hope this story inspires you to let God use your failures and your experiences for His good as you “walk” with Him.  Christ Mission to the Orient and the Lanna Theological Center make it possible for the people in Thailand to grow in their Christian walk and do great things to help others walk with God. Learn more online at cmothailand.net.

Mark Batterson in his book:  “Chase the Lion” says “Everything in your past is preparation for something in your future.  God Wastes Nothing!  The God who works all things together for good will leverage every experience, every skill, every mistake, and every bit of knowledge you have acquired.
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