Missions Walk July 2021

Pregnancy Support Center

Many walk-through life without any missteps, but there are also those whose lives do not fall neatly into place.  Their path is not so smooth or easy.  An unplanned pregnancy can seem for that individual that they have stepped off a cliff.  And many may feel there will be no one around to help with the wounds of being deserted/not wanted, of going through a pregnancy alone, not to mention raising a child alone, etc....

Southern Heights supports the Pregnancy Support Center (PSC) here in Lebanon to help, in Jesus’ name, those who are experiencing a “misstep.”  The PSC comes along side women, many who have no family support, to lift them up and help them get on a level path.  They counsel and help them see how they can navigate this rocky road and how the horizon is not insurmountable.

The PSC offers medical consultation, advice on parenting, help find community resources, or on options such as adoption, etc.  They walk alongside women to provide what they need until they can get on their feet.  All these services are private and confidential.  All this can make the difference between despair and hope for those who need this help.
To be able to provide this help it takes a lot of financial assistance.  You may have seen or filled one of the baby bottles that are placed in the lobby each year.  By participating in this effort and giving of your spare change, you have a part in helping give hope to women in need.
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