Cross Points 11.5-12.17

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Mission Trip to Prague

While Rexanne and I are on our Missionary Trip to Prague, Czech Republic, from 11/5-12/17/21, instead of the weekly Cross Point article, I will point you to my blog, where I plan to give updates on Thu or Fri during the trip, called Prague: People – Places – Prayers.  Timing depends on circumstances. 
Keep in mind there is a 7-hour time difference (if 10am here, it’s 5pm in Prague), so allow for that if watching for the blog post.  Although posted Thu or Fri, it may be the following day before you see it.  If you will go to the blog site and “follow” the blog by entering your email address and clicking subscribe where it indicates, you will get an email reminder each time a post occurs.   
Go to my blog, named Vetus Via at:
Feel free to take one of these pages home for reference.
We are part-time missionary workers with Open Door Libraries, which currently has a library in Berlin, Germany and another in Prague, Czech Republic.  These Christian libraries are an outgrowth of the Institute for Christian Resources (ICR), which during the time of the USSR provided Bibles and Christian material behind the iron curtain.  After the curtain fell in 1989 this ministry eventually became the libraries, continuing to provide Christian resources in these former Communist countries.  In addition to the library reading material, they provide lectures and classes on various topics, work with local Christians, provide programs for children, form relationships, work with churches, and seek to influence for Christ.  In an environment where few will darken a church door, this provides a unique avenue to preach and teach and make a difference.  ODL also has a unique library in the middle east. 
The Prague library, Crossroads Center (Křižovatka Centrum), is toward the right side of the lighter lower section of the corner building shown here.  The corner door will eventually lead to a connected café.
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