Mission Update June 2022

"My Home" Orphan Care Program

It’s been a while since my “Missions Walk,” articles about missions supported by Southern Heights.  However, mission work has continued and as in the case of “My Home,” to say it has intensified, is an understatement.  “My Home” is an orphan care program that partners with Master Provisions, a SHCC supported mission. 
In this article, I take all my information from a recent email update forwarded by Master Provisions President, Roger Babik.  This report is in the words of those who minister with “My Home” about their efforts to protect and care for orphans in the Ukraine under the very difficult circumstances of war. 
The regional headquarters for “My Home” is in Kherson.  As you may have heard on the news Kherson was taken over by the invaders on or about March 2, 2022.  As reported by “My Home” staff, they said residents in Kherson have since been completely cut-off from the rest of the Ukraine.  Goods for humanitarian effort are often stolen.  Anyone trying to leave the area put themselves at risk and some have been killed.  The need for medicine is great in the region.  There are local volunteers and volunteers of religious communities, but the work is dangerous.  There are checkpoints everywhere.  People are kidnapped, killed and robbed.  All social benefits for the elderly & the poor have been cut-off. 
At present, My Home is divided into two fronts:  those who remained in the occupied territories and those who were able to leave the occupied territory for the territory controlled by Ukraine.  My Home is attempting to work to provide necessary assistance and humanitarian aid for food, medicines, clothing and footwear, etc. They continuously work to support families with children who lost their homes and/or lost their breadwinners in the war. 
In one of the villages of the Kherson region, “My Home” provides a center for about 40 children where they can come and get lunch and enjoy a break from the present crisis by participating in sports and board games.  The center among other humanitarian efforts also distributes food packages. 
The report by “My Home” gave many specific firsthand examples of families in crisis where “My Home” provided the only hope/help they had.  Families who have been displaced, among other challenges, has  the challenge of finding a place to live and they are all filled with pain and sadness for their home and homeland. 
By uniting with various churches, organizations and volunteers, “My Home” has been able to provide some relief in an otherwise hopeless situation.  They ask for continued prayer for victory and peace in the Ukraine.  Pray for God to keep the team safe and to lead in His vision.  Pray that God would heal the broken, wounded hearts.  Pray for repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior for those that do not know God.  Pray for finances to continue to help children, feed families and repair homes. 
On a personal note, this war and destruction breaks our hearts, Rick and I.  We went to the Ukraine with Master Provisions in 2007 to visit homes where orphans had been placed with a Christian family by the “My Home” program.  At that time hope was high in the Ukraine to build back after Soviet occupation.  They lacked a lot because of it at that time, but from later reports had come a long way since then, only to have this happen. 
This is a SHCC mission in crisis, a nation in crisis and you have a direct opportunity to give.  If you feel led to help you can drop a check in the offering marked “My Home, Master Provisions.”  And remember above all to pray!
“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” Proverbs 17:17
Rexanne Willis, Missions Liaison
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